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NYDEL French Creator of Tablecloths

« Easy to Care » !

Originally established in 1787, the NYDEL brand was created in 1919. In 1953, NYDEL revolutionized the world of household linen thanks to its innovative process : the textile coating, thus is born the association of aesthetics and practice.

Through the years and collections, NYDEL stands out as THE forerunner of technological innovation. Exit the stress of the sauce stain, the glass spilled on the tablecloth : NYDEL’s tablecloths uncomplicate the art of the table. The pleasure of entertaining with friends and cooking with your family remains intact.


1919-2019, 100 years old. And yes, NYDEL is 100 years ! NYDEL, since 1919 represents tablecloths easy to care. NYDEL’s core business has always been to provide its customers with an easy maintenance of its products thanks to its PVC and acrylic coatings. NYDEL, the tablecloths easy to live for family lunch, in order to receive daily. Easy to care, easy ironing, easy stain removal, so many exclusive innovations that NYDEL has always demonstrated through its products.

Innovate, reborn and reinvent oneself

Over the last few seasons, NYDEL has taken a fresh impetus and extended its collections to meet as best as possible customers expectations.

Find out our key coated tablecloths that are NYDEL hallmark, in many variations to fit all your atmospheres, from daily life to exceptional moments around the table.

Also discover our Kitchen range in all its facets with a wide and fresh color range.

NYDEL offers a complete bed linen collection, together with some decoration textile and bath linen, through the range Organic with timeless elegant colors. The exceptional feel of hemp and organic cotton provides a unique experience of softness.

All our fabrics are carefully developed to ensure quality, sustainability and a high-end rendering to our products.

NYDEL quality also goes through its packaging.

For the pleasure of giving or just discovering your new tablecloth, Nydel also thinks about your unboxing experience. You will receive your product in a personalized Nydel bag surrounded by its luxury « Nydel Paris » ribbon and its woven sticker.

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